Guide to Traveling Rome, Italy

Rome was the least desired place on this Italy trip agenda due to all the history, which I am not personally a fan of but I was actually pleasantly surprised and it wasn’t what I expected.

I do have to say out of the places I visited it's still the last on this list but I need to give it way more credit than I had originally planned.


Two of my favorite activities during my trip were in Rome which I will describe below. Walking around is surprisingly easy and there is so much to see. I did notice the most tourists here.

I also thought all the hotels I went to were wonderful and I would recommend them all. I also threw money in the Trevi Fountain so that means I will return... right?





I stayed at 3 different hotels in Rome! Yes, lots of moving around but I wanted to see them all! 

Palazzo Dama

This modern boutique hotel is in the city center with only 29 rooms. It’s a very old building that held parties for the elite Romans in the 18th-century and is now transformed into a hip, minimalist style hotel.

The bar and restaurant are glittering and lavish with Blue velvet chairs, gold and white pieces with large fashion coffee books everywhere.


 It overlooks the outdoor garden Patio with a Pool (this is the only hotel with a pool in the city center of Rome). They even have a night club Raspoutine that’s open Friday and Saturday nights.


I arrived starving and believe this was the only meal of the trip that wasn’t Italian food but it was an amazing mix of asian and pacific coastal cuisine  with items such as dim sum, fish and ceviche. I stayed in the Jr. Suite and the bathroom was ALL marble- hello bathroom dreams.


The only "negative" about the hotel was the internet was very weak, so don't count on getting any work done here quickly due to the slow connection. 


Hotel DOM

The street that this boutique hotel is on is very charming but I did find it interesting that it’s across the street from Rome’s Anti-mafia headquarters. So this means at all times there are 2 men standing outside with large guns. I guess you know that no one will be breaking into your hotel room since it's always guarded.

If you're a non-ganster this hotel is adorable, including the little rooftop terrace with a bar! It has a sexy, chic feel to it.  It was built in the 17th century and the walls in the rooms are the brick which I loved!

The bar at the entrance was pretty busy for this little hotel and it's very speakeasy feel-Cool vibes.  I do have to mention the rooms facing the street aren’t quiet and you can hear people at all times outside of the anti-Mafia building. The staff was incredible and so accomodating!

Rooftop Bar at The Domo in Rome, Italy

Rooftop Bar at The Domo in Rome, Italy

Bar / Lounge at The Domo in Rome, Italy

Bar / Lounge at The Domo in Rome, Italy

Bar / Lounge at The Domo in Rome, Italy

Bar / Lounge at The Domo in Rome, Italy

The First Hotel

Yes this is the name of the hotel and it does get confusing especially if you stay at multiple hotels. It’s another boutique hotel with 29 rooms and in the heart of Rome.

It’s very elegant and  modern with contemporary art throughout the entire hotel made by Italian artists and your room is your very own gallery experience during your stay.  Their goal is “To be aesthetically luxurious while giving you the delightful sensation of feeling completely at home.”

They did a great job of this from the very beginning at check in. They also have fantastic rooftop terrace with a bar and stunning views of the city.  I can’t forget the 2 Michelin star dinner which is a must if you're staying there.

Other Hotels: 

Hotel del Russia -Great location at Lionardo devinci location (Piazza del Popola). The Dining spot for lunch is fantastic in the courtyard garden in the middle of the hotel.

Rooftop View of the Le Jardin de Russie

Rooftop View of the Le Jardin de Russie

Dining Patio in the Le Jardin de Russie

Dining Patio in the Le Jardin de Russie

Also, they have a beautiful spa:

The Spa at Hotel del Russia in Rome, Italy

The Spa at Hotel del Russia in Rome, Italy


Portrait Roma

Super little with only 14 rooms and I loved that it was owned by the Ferragamo family (the designer) they had fashion and shoe quotes elegantly placed through the hotel. The rooftop views were absolutely stellar!



Jk Place Roma

As soon as you walk in you feel like you're in a extravagant living room! I really love the bright and modern feel of this boutique hotel and the service is out of this world!




There is a train to Rome from almost everywhere in Italy. Also the airport is one of the main hubs for incoming  flights.  I came from Milan and jumped on a flight that was only an hour but you can also take the train.



This restaurant has been around since 1938. You'll find great Italian Seafood here and it has a great wine room downstairs that can be turned into a private dining room

Dal Bolognese 

This is the spot for great people watching and great food.  

Casina Valadier

This is more romantic and they have terrace that has panoramic views of the city.


Tons of Italian classics flavors here and outdoor seating is lovely.

Lian Club

This waterfront bar and has live music and great vibes.

II Pagliaccio is very nice with an extravagant 10-course meal


Food Activities- Because why stop at just eating food!  

Rimessa Roscioli  Wine and Food Tasting Experience  


This was so fantastic and only 65 Euros per person. They do it every night at 8pm but you need to book a reservation ahead of time. Learn the origins, history and stories of Italy’s wine, regions and foods while tasting through the flavors of the best artisan producers of Italy in a group setting where you meet people from all over the world and get to enjoy dinner with them while being guided by a professional sommelier.  


Cooking Class

Have you ever wanted to fly to Italy and learn to make pasta!? Well I always have and I absolutely think it should be on everyone's list.

I found the perfect class to take, it was as if you're in a house cooking lunch overlooking an Italian square with live street music- because it’s all of this and more!  

What I loved was we began at the market, decided what we were going to make, bought all the materials and went back to cook it!  We made fresh Gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce, the best mushrooms I have ever had, veal and finally this incredible Italian dessert.

If you want to know how to sign up for this just ask me and I’ll get you booked for this amazing experience! 


Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, and Spanish Steps.

There are definitely more but those are the main ones!


Favorite Photos from Rome: