Dream Paris Itinerary: Activities

My recent trip to Paris proved yet again that you don't necessarily need to have a preplanned itinerary, because adventure always awaits. However, I am a firm believer in at least having some insight on activities that are unique to my travel destinations... and Paris with all it's history, is no exception. Here's a few things that absolutely should be on your list of "must do's": 


Seine Cruise: 

Take a private boat along the canal with unparalleled views of the eiffel tower. This is accompanied with wine, champagne, snacks and lots of memorable moments. See below as its on the list for one of the best ways to view the Eiffel Tower. 



I didn’t understand what this was till I saw the side car’s myself. At first look its terrifying but it was so much fun and a way to explore Paris differently! Four Seasons set this up for us and can be booked easily anywhere you stay. Retro Tour is the best company to use for this. 


Tourist Attractions:

Eiffel tower:

You can see this from all over paris and I love seeing it in every different angle. But for me seeing it at night is the BEST! Make sure to catch it sparking and take a boomarang snap :)

Few Eiffel Tower tips:

  • Some of the best ways to view the Eiffel Tower is not right at it. Here are a few of my favorite spots to view it. Climb the Montparnasse tower or the 284 steps of the Arc de Triomphe to view spectacular views at both. Also Printemps shopping center, Post de Bir-Hakeim, and Rue Saint Dominique all have great views of it. As mentioned above my favorite way to view was getting on a boat and viewing it from the water. 
  • I recommend seeing it in daylight early morning when there isn't crowds and also  shortly before twilight, so you can experience it at sunset and also after dark.
  • If you are like me and want exercise on your trip.. climb the stairs! Great exercise and you're skip the lines for the elevator. 


Lets get one thing straight.. Parisians know a thing or two about fashion and just walking down the street will feel like you're flipping through a page of Vogue. Here are a few of the best shopping spots in Paris:

  • The Marais- known for its little boutique stores. Think jewelry and fine art!
  • Louvre and Tuileries District- High end designers like Versace and Hermes.
  • Les Halles and Rue de Rivoli- Charming shops and very trendy
  • Boulevard Haussmann and the Grand Boulevards- Department stores
  • Champs E’Lysees- Very touristy so wouldn't be my first pick for shopping  but if you want, just enjoy the street scene, and avoid the major shops - but do pop into the little boutiques unique to Paris and buy yourself a little French treasure. Laduree is on this street and it’s a touristy paris must, though I prefer Carette Paris for great Macarons located at Trocadero and The Place des Vosges. 

Major Sites: 

The Louvre- Buy the 15 euro and go see the Mona Lisa... You're in Paris after all,  and its a MUST for a first time visitor.

Notre-Dame Cathedral- One of the great Parisian icon cathedrals located along the Seine River and is absolutely beautiful

Versailles Palace - Located 14 miles southwest of paris and during the summer the gardens outside are Beautiful.

Arc de Triomphe- Climb to the top and get 360 views of paris ( 8 euros for the climb)