Four Days of Ultimate Wellness at Canyon Ranch

If you are into spa experiences at all, you have most likely heard of Canyon Ranch, famous for their wellness programs. They have locations currently in Tucson AZ, Lenox MA, and Las Vegas NV.

I headed to Tucson Arizona to finally experience a place I have heard about for years. I come from a spa background, and so naturally, I wanted to learn more about what they offer so I could share and better inform my clients.

This place is so unique - a stark contrast when compared to a standard “Vacation”. It’s a place to learn about YOU - to truly get in touch with your inner self. 


I feel the best way for me to bring you my experience there, is to share my personal itinerary from the 4 days. I do recommend staying for at least least 4 days,  show up with an intention, and take advantage of all the educational offerings. There is so much more than incredible spa treatments!  Step out of your comfort zone to get the benefits of the experience.  This is a safe place to transform your life or discover a guided path to lead your best life.

Everything is customizable for what you are looking for but can be very intimidating just looking at the website. I  recommend booking with a canyon ranch ambassador like myself who has gone and can explain to you what to expect and fully prepare you for this transformable experience.  I also have a highlight reel on my Jetsetandtravels insta stories with a full recap of my stay as I went that you can view. Everything is for customizable for what you are looking for but can be very intimidating just looking at the website.

Important Notes:

  • This is an all inclusive resort. your room and food is included along with 100’s of complimentary classes and workshops. You also get a $126 credit per day to spend towards additional services such as specialty offerings and treatments. Also, all gratuities are included, so no TIPPING here.

  • This is a alcohol free resort but if you really feel that it will add to your experience, you can bring a bottle of your favorite wine with you from home and drink it in your room ☺

  • The Spa is not your typical high end luxury spa with beautiful decor... I will admit, it needs a facelift, which they have planned in the near future, as well as room renovations. Remember, the intention for this place is not focused on the resort experience as much as it is about enhancing your life. 

Onto My Itinerary:

Day 1

  • If it’s your first time here I highly recommend a tour of the resort. They have scheduled tours daily to show you around. Do this within the first few hours of arriving to get the lay of the land (you will still get lost till around day 3 but it will help!)

  • Have you ever been star gazing!? This is a fascinating viewing the atmosphere with a telescopes and feeling  like you are standing on the moon it looks so close!

Day 2

Tea Bags from my massage

Tea Bags from my massage

  • I took a barre class for long and lean muscles, which I selected over the simultaneously scheduled ropes course (I didn't have enough courage to challenge my fear of heights just yet!) People love this particular experience, and the feeling accomplishment is such a high… maybe next time I'll accept the challenge! ☺

  • If you have difficulty sleeping, this next course would be highly beneficial. We learned from Dr. Param Dedhia about how important sleep is in your life and tips to sleep better and discover longer sleep patterns.

  • They offer some pretty spectacular services and I decided I wanted more than just a “normal massage”. I recommend that everyone try new experiences here, so I decided to lead by example. My first treatment was a 80 minute "Muscle Melt Warrior Massage" which incorporates herbal bags from Thailand that are heated and super super hot. The therapist starts by pounding them into your body and as they cool down, she does some additional movements. This is followed by a massage with the therapists hands all over each section of your body! It's such a relaxing service and get deep into the muscles which is good for active people.

  • Astrology! You provide your birthday, location and time and the astrologist will analyze your life path and why you are the way you are and what to expect for the future. Even if you're not that into existentialism "per se",  this is definitely an enlightening experience!

Day 3

Early Morning Hike

Early Morning Hike

  • Wake up early for a morning Hike. I recommend you do this at least once during your stay. They have different intensity levels to select from. The hike I chose was about 10 minutes away from the ranch and 5.5 miles of actual hiking. It was challenging but such a great workout with an absolutely beautiful view of the desert.

  • Are you attached to technology? It was great to hear about digital detoxing to be mindful about technology and finding (and keeping!) in balance.

  • My next treatment was such a treat. It was called the "Slice of Heaven" massage which is 2 therapists at once working on you. One works on your upper body while the other your is working on your lower. Opposite sides so when one is on your right arm the other is working on your left arm so you are getting double the work! Its so relaxing because it confuses your brain.

  • I had a full review of my DNA results to assess the genes I have and how it can affect weight loss.  Just to know what your genes are, and why you like certain foods can help provide clarity in your health and fitness journey. I learned I need to incorporate a plant based diet to balance with my genes. Something I have never even thought of! This was just SO eye-opening!

Day 4

Underwater Treadmills!

Underwater Treadmills!

  • Why not do a 6am boot camp on a Saturday morning?! I'll be honest, it was challenging to get up at such an early time for me on a Saturday but it was WELL worth it. To work out hard and than enjoy a healthy breakfast in the sunshine gives you the best feelings and the best natural high.

  • If you're new to Meditation or don’t practice, it this is a safe and comfortable place to try it out. They have 30 minute meditation classes to lead you though this. It’s still hard for me to stop my brain from racing but this provided practice. 

  • Brain Health Education: It's fascinating to hear about brain health and what you need to do for yourself to keep your brain functioning at a level to live your best life. This class reviews ways that work best for you personally to practice this in your everyday life.

  • Specialty Exercise Options: They have seriously thought of everything here. They have underwater treadmills. This is great for your knees for a low pressure workout.

  • Facials: It had been awhile since having  a deep cleansing facial so I had just that – they have so many different types of facials,  but since I was getting a medical type procedure done right after I needed to go gentle on my face.

  • I have been wanting to get Micro needling done for the last few months now but have been nervous about the pain, what it actual does and how to find someone I felt comfortable with. Canyon Ranch recently added on an medical esthetics department that offers botox, peels, dermapeel, micro needling and more. They have a fantastic nurse, Amy who is so incredible with explaining everything to you to ensure you feel 100% comfortable. It was an easy service and painless! So happy I got this done here.

  • To go along with my DNA genetics results, I wanted to pair it with an exercise science offering to bring it all together. The "Bod Pod" measures your fat, muscle and density. This information allows them to conclude what your ideal weight should be, and guide you with how to achieve my goals with food and exercise.  I love that they provided me with a realistic path that I could see more clearly. 

I could keep on going about this experience, but there is just too much to explain. If you are looking for a place to transform yourself, and provide a clearer path so you can lead your best life I recommend a place like Canyon Ranch. If you are interested in an experience here, please contact me so I can educate you on the best location.

Please keep an eye open for a blog on the difference of Miraval and Canyon ranch- the question I get the most!

All Photos from my visit to Canyon Ranch: