How To Stay Healthy During Travel

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I like to say I live a healthy lifestyle, I love to be active and eat balanced. It all comes from childhood for me!  My family is the most active family and to this day both of my parents can run circles around me! It’s not uncommon for them to do 3+ active activities in a single day. Although they might be more active in those ways than I am, I’m a really big fitness class lover and when I’m home I make it a goal to a workout class daily (pilates, spin, barre, HITT type work outs, etc…).

When I’m traveling I have to get creative to stay healthy. Here are just some ways I “try” to stay healthy and what I call balanced on my travels.  


  1. I have memberships like Orange Theory that are world wide and I can pop into them anywhere I am traveling. I also search other types of workout classes if that seems to be the easiest and take a class. Class pass is also great for this. 

  2. If I’m in a destination where there are great hikes or there is a beautiful scenery I will make a point to go for a run or hike in the destination.

  3. Most of the resorts and hotels I stay in have daily fitness classes you can participate in. I always love to check these out ahead of time and generally, they are free! 

  4. I always make sure the place I’m staying in has a gym. It’s perfect for a run on a treadmill or get some weight training in. Super convenient, it’s right there.. even just 20 minutes helps and makes me feel good!

  5. I bring a resistance band with me.. it’s small and easy to pack and you can use it in your room. I have a simple routine I do with it for about 20 minutes.



  1. I practice a 80% plant based diet (this is relatively new for me and it’s been a year. Read here about Canyon Ranch and when I made the switch. It has changed the way I look at food and I just feel all around healthy. It works for me, find what works for you.

  2. I’ve hired a nutrition couch and the number one focus is Protein. You have to eat lots of it to see results (I try to eat my body weight in protein). This can be challenging with my plant based diet but find those food items and stick with them. A great way to do this while traveling is to bring protein packets you can mix into your drinks or add them to your coffee in the morning. I use these:


3. When you’re traveling it’s hard to always get your greens in. My secret weapon is Green Vibrance that I put into my smoothie daily. They come in small individual packets that are great for traveling and I ask juice places to just add them into the drink they are making for me! I’ll also drink with OJ or water if need be. Its great for skin, energy, circulation, digestion and a whole lot more!. Click here to check them out:


4 . Another great way to make sure you’re staying healthy is vitamins. I’ve gone back and forth with them but don’t love taking them in pill format so prefer the green vibrance above. But some way or another you should be taking these while traveling to avoid getting sick!

5. I think tracking is key for your food intake especially when you’re traveling.. I use my fitness pal to track everything I’m eating to stay on track. It’s easy to keep taking bites and by the end of they day you have eaten way too much. This prevents that from happening. 

6. You can also plan your meals ahead. if I know where we are going for a dinner or lunch I’ll look at the menu ahead of time and pick out something healthy. 

7. Don’t forget to Indulge and enjoy the food in the destination you are at.. that’s the best part of traveling! Just do it in moderation ☺ 

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