Everything you need to know about St. Barths 

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I have a confession: I’ve found my new favorite destination in the Caribbean!

I love how private and exclusive it feels to get there, the thrill of a landing when you first arrive. I love that everyone speaks French and it really feels like you’re in Europe! I love the experience of drinking rosé at the cute bars with gorgeous people everywhere, I love the shopping, beaches and the town. This place has it all but I will warn you… it comes with a price! 

To me, St. Barths was always known as the go to destination for the rich and exclusive year after year. I was right! It’s a place you can’t just visit once, and you truly can’t see everything the first time. I was lucky enough to be guided around the island by my Caribbean partner, Wendy Blandon, Director of Sales for Ultimate Jet Vacations. She has been here multiple times and knew exactly how to show us a good time!

In an effort to keep this as simple as possible, I wrote a quick breakdown of the top hotels on the island, with the extra perks you’ll receive when booking with me, as well as the best time to visit the island.

If you would like a more detailed hotel breakdown, my agency, Smartflyer has a very thorough description filled with plenty of information. CLICK HERE for the St. Barth’s Hotel Roundup.

You’ll also want to explore the St. Barth’s Island Guide. This is all the tips you’ll need including the best beaches, hikes, lunch and diner hotspots, after parties and most importantly, how to get there (you can’t simply fly commercial!).

Honestly, I can’t suggest a “best” option here in St. Barths. There are so many luxury options and they’re all great for different vibes and styles. Here is my snapshot:

Cheval Blanc Isle De France 

Style: Elegant and sophisticated 

Perfect for: Classy Atmosphere, Honeymoons

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Eden Rock 

Style: Glamorous and where you’ll find “the scene”

Perfect for: Groups of friends or couples who love a lively vibe


Le Barthelemy

Style: Feels the most like a hotel with a beautiful spa and the only rooftop bar in St. Barths 

Perfect for: Those looking for large villas for groups or multi-generation families! 

Le Barthelemy(3).jpg

Le Toiny

Style: Beach Chic, crisp white décor

Perfect for: Those who love spacious rooms and privacy

Le Toiny.jpg

Le Sereno

Style: Simple and hip!  

Perfect for: Couples!

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Villa Marie 

Style: Feels like you are in a beautiful jungle with lots of décor detail!  

Perfect for: Those looking for a romantic stay. Keep in mind there is no beach-the property is set up on a hill.

Villa Marie.jpg
Villa Marie(4).jpg

Hotel Manapany

Style: Eco-chic with fun vibes! 

Perfect for: Those who like boutique hotels with plenty of character 

Hotel Manapany_.jpg

The Christopher

Style: Chic, Modern Luxury

Looking for a beautiful sunset in the evenings!   

Perfect For: Those who love beautiful sunsets in the evenings. More budget friendly than other options, but no beach access. 



Mid-January – February: The best weather, considered high season, but prices will be slightly less.

Late November- Early January (in other words Festive) : These dates will encounter the highest rate all year round. Also most luxury properties require a minimum stay around 10+ nights. If you don’t mind the crazy prices it’s a great holiday spot! 

March – April : Nice weather and around the holidays of Easter and Spring break prices can decrease a bit. 

May- June:  Weather is still great but the island isn’t as busy with people and it’s easier to get reservations!  During the end of June you might notice some restaurants closed.

July-August:  This time frame is considered hurricane seasons  and prices drop significantly. You could luck out and not get any rain but you must be willing to take a risk on the weather. 

September- October: The island starts to shut down the end of September and into October to do maintenance on the hotels and restaurants so it’s very quiet. Also still hurricane season so I wouldn’t spend the money to visit this time of year. 

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