Simple Packing Tips


Packing can definitely become an ominous chore, but as you can imagine, I've become a packing pro. Often times challenging myself to fit it all in a carry on!

If you're on your way to a trip, here's a few helpful tips:

  • The week prior start putting pieces in the front of your closet that you would want to wear on your trip that way when it comes down to the night of packing you already have some of the main pieces.

  • Make sure to always look at the weather in the destination you are going. If there is rain in the forecast you need to be prepared.

  • I always like to pinterest the area I am going and also search #hashtags on insta to get some fashion Inspiration and see what others are wearing this time of year (I also get some photo inspiration ideas at the same time).

  • Write out your plans, for each day... just a general guideline (cocktail party, boat ride, walking around the city) this way you know what types of outfits you need each day.

  • I personally plan out my outfits down to the shoes, jackets and scarves that way I’m not worried about my outfit while on the trip.

  • For your toiletries I have a separate bag used for all my travels and I make sure to review it each time before I travel to make sure I have everything. I always have backup contacts, my toothpaste is filled, you know. The important stuff.

  • I lay everything out on the bed and make sure everything is accounted for including underwear and bras that will go with everything.

  • Try rolling all your clothes as it will fit better. I also love to use spacepak bags since you can fit so much more using cubes to compress the clothes. Plus it has a dirty side so while I’m on a trip it stays separate once dirty.

  • I typically go with a theme of colors so you can match the belts and shoes. I always pack scarves and lipstick to easily change up an outfit.

  • The night before I take off I make a running list, for example: curling iron, phone charger, computer, passport etc... these items HAVE to make it in my travel bag before I leave the house.

Happy Travels!