5 Things I NEVER Travel Without.

Constant travel is a part of my life. Luckily for me, I love it so much! And, luckily for you, my experiences bring you more tips, tricks and travel advice than you could ever ask for! This blog is dedicated to the top 5 things I always put in my bag. We all have travel staples, and these are mine!

Travel Essentials-3.jpg

Liingo Glasses- You don’t see me wearing glasses very often, but at night and when I’m on a long flight I be sure to have my glasses with me. I just bought a new pair and they are so stylish, I think I need to wear them more! They make it so easy to purchase the frame and put your prescription it. You just upload a picture of yourself and virtually try them on!

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Blanket Scarf- When I’m on the airplane I HAVE to have one of these! I have so many but the one I keep grabbing lately is the Monogram Shine Shawl from Louis Vuitton (they have all different colors).

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.12.16 AM.png

Sunglasses – I usually have multiple but my Tom Ford ones are usually always with me!


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Moroccan oil – I can’t do my hair without this magical oil, especially when I travel and it’s in all different climates. I have a big bottle I keep at home and just refill my travel size ones.

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Curling iron – I MUST put heat on my hair otherwise it’s so big and frizzy. I use the dependable hot tools brand. Once I was in Paris and my curling iron broke… luckily the hotel I was staying at ( Four Seasons) had one I could borrow for the rest of my stay.

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